Friday, April 8, 2016

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April 8, 2016 - Summer is here again and it means, well yeah, hot summer days to experience and to add to the agony, El Niño. Yup! We've experienced this phenomenon since last year to the point that we haven't experienced December breeze. Sad thing right? Well.. To add more to our suffering, rotational brownout enters the scene.. What a disaster especially for us, Davaoeños who had to endure this madness that we've experienced for years. :(

This crazy little thing called 'rotational brownout' has been in the scene since 2010 and during summer, this event appears to be present. And the 'valid reason' that they always say to us is because of the innocent El Niño. Okay, it's natural since the source of our electricity has always (and forever) been the hydro power plant. Yes, it's a perfect reason for almost 5 years that the drought makes us suffer a little bit. In fact we got accustomed to its witchcraft every summer that we had to hydrate every single time just to survive the day.

But this year is just.. Well, crazier than before.. Few years before, brownouts will be over once the coal power plant will save us from misery, guaranteed that we'll never experience brownouts again. BUT BUT BUT, we can never believe with their fairy tale stories as I had doubts about their agenda of having coal power plant. Sure, they've said that it's the 'perfect' solution to the continuing problem which is the brownout but, my intuition said otherwise. Their ambiguous plans never escaped my mind and I think I'm getting to what they really want to do. No, can't reveal it yet but I'm pretty sure, they're near to the pinnacle of their plan. :)

Right at this moment, everyone's thinking that DLPC is just not being helpful at all. Yes, I believe in them since I'm also angry with what they're doing right now which is JUST updating the power supply a.k.a updating to what we'll gonna suffer for the next few weeks. They're reason again is almost like a staple food: El Niño and shortage of water. Got used to this reason already. :)

What is lacking actually is a solution to the problem. Yes, a freaking solution to this perennial problem. Yes, DLPC gave us an update about what happened to the power supply and their continuous blabbering. But a solution to the problem? They ain't got any. Sad thing, right? Well, if you ask me, it's depressing to see them just update, update, update. Maybe until our death, they're still gonna update that we'll suffer in our respective funeral homes not to have electricity for how many hours. -_-

And yes, here's one more 'valid' reason that everyone of us might believe and that is.... "EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN and MAINTENANCE SHUTDOWN' of the coal power plant! What an icing on top of the cake! In fact, we got used to this reason that we could almost puke to this repetitive excuse every single time. Well played son of deteriorated dysfunctional idiots!

As of this time, while I wrote this spectacular brownout article, I received a special surprise from DLPC and yes, I was surprised indeed. 5 HOURS of rotational brownout! Whew! Thank you for everything DLPC for actually providing us on how we'll die before the elections. And speaking of elections, maybe, JUST MAYBE, it's related to this crazy fiasco happening in our city. All we could do right now is just, scratch our heads, wondering why it's happening in Davao City and not in other places. Hmmm...

Some of the reasons I've heard is because, Davao City is a big city to cater much electricity. It's so true and I agree with it! But DLPC doesn't just serve our city but also Panabo City. This means, wider range to cater much customers both cities! It's reasonable aside from water shortage in hydro power plant because of the lack of rain and El Niño which of course affects the supply of the said power plant. But, the elections doesn't escape my mind. What if, it is election-related? HMMMM...

Here's one thing that maybe this will be mind-boggling to all of you. This has been everyone's theory that my curiosity of this issue won't stop. DLPC is owned by Aboitiz and.. We think they're supporting the current administration. Oh yes, I dropped a bomb here. This MIGHT be the reason why we're experiencing this 'intentional' brownout. They're using electricity to destroy our candidate for presidency. With that, we have to suffer from this, for their own gain, to make us stop supporting him..

BUT, this phenomena will never stop us from supporting our candidate and this horrendous event made us even stronger. Rotational brownouts? Yes, this needs to be stop, but when? If their candidate wins? I don't even want to think about it but if Digong wins, God! They'll pay BIG BIG time for this disaster they've done to all Davaoeños and Panabo residents. They've done something unforgivable and something that we want all to forget. For the people behind all of this, karma is coming at you! And they're traveling secretly till you go BOOM! We're all waiting for it to happen to all of you.

To the Davaoeños, I know we're brave and strong people. We voice our opinions very loud and we fight very hard for our rights. Let's keep on fighting till the very eyes of the officials behind this rotational brownout will be opened and realize they're killing us with their tactics for their favor. For the biased media, start praying for your sins to be cleansed. We'll forgive you but we'll never forget the biased reports. We can't wait to smack all of your faces on the wall. All of you deserve to have a piece of it.

To the rotational brownout, we'll not forget you but we'll never forgive you, even missing you is a capital sin. To rainy season, please, come earlier. We need rain.. So much rain! :)

Bye bye guys! See you soon! :)


Who said that the power shortage in Mindanao is finally solved? And poured millions and millions for it? Clue: Presidential candidate for this year. Take a guess and you'll have a cookie, Imaginary cookie that is.. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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July 29, 2014 - Since I forgot my password to my humor blog in Wordpress, I guess I have to post it here.. :D

Anyway, I had an entry about autocorrect fails in my humor blog and it was on Ellen. If you want to want to watch it, click the link here.

Few weeks ago, I was searching for a video that could make me laugh out loud since I really need something to make me happy and I stumble upon this video that features the funniest autocorrect fails. The thing is, you can never imagine that an autocorrect would suggest something that is so unexpected, that when it's sent, it's either you'll pray hard that they'll understand or they'll send a crazy reply. But it's always the crazy reply wins every single time. 

In this video, it features the unexpected, craziest, hysterically funny autocorrect fails that even you can imagine how the hell it happened! Well, I present to you, the greatest comedian ever existed.. Autocorrect! (Please, watch the video before commenting.. Thanks!)

Video from: Karthick AR

Have you survived the whole video? Heck I did! Well, I hope this video gave you a good laugh that you need on sad days and depressing moments. We just need to laugh just in a while and forget all your problems for seven minutes. Remember, laughter is the best medicine. If you don't laugh, you're dead. :D

Have A Good Laugh! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

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July 11, 2014 - Through the years, we've been under the spell of these politicians who think like they own the people. Sure, they're doing their job but there are just some politicians who works the other way around. Some may come clean in the camera, showing their innocence and proving that they're doing their job. Yes, they're doing their "job" to make people believe that they've done their duties as a good politician. But what lies behind is a dark and eerie side that all of us want to know and explore.

The problem actually lies to the people. Yup! We've voted for these politicians to have a great seat whether in the senate or congress. We've voted for them because we believed they've done a great "job" to their country. Sure! By showing their faces on TV, pretending to be of service to the people. Well, it's part of their job: To look good and bring good image in the television. Now, what about their actual job?

Congressman's job is to create laws that would be good to the citizens of this country. Senator's job is to pass them. Imagine, that's the job that they have to do. It's great to think that they've done their best for us to live better lives in this country but sadly, it's not all about that. Since the controversial PDAF Scam entered the scene, several politicians in the congress and senators were greatly involved which made me think "Where did our taxes go? Into their fat pockets?"

It's just so sad that through the years, we've voted for these politicians that we thought, they have good intentions to serve our country well but it's not. You may also wonder why they want to be in the position in the congress and senate: Money! It's all about the money that they want, not the service! If you're to find an honest politician today, there are only a handful of them. It's so sad that their greediness was the reason to be in the position that they're holding right now.

But here's the funny part: Whenever they're found guilty of corruption, sickness occurs. Really? Politicians scheduled their sickness once they're guilty? What about when they were not found guilty? They were busy harvesting taxes from us? They were having a great life? Awesome of them! They've tasted the life of being rich from our money and now they're guilty, sickness overload!

Just recently, you know these three stooges who were obviously linked with a lady. When they were imprisoned, two of them complained about the critters wandering around their room. And come to think of it, they were treated differently! They're prison cell doesn't look like a cell but rather, it looked like a condominium! Really? How about those who committed petty crimes? Don't they deserve better? There must be equal treatment to all, rich or poor, famous or not. If these politicians are guilty of their wrongdoings, they must be imprisoned together with other prisoners who are still suffering in a small cell with only one bed, a toilet, a sink with no ventilation at all!

I just saw the news about this little lady. After being arrested, she complained something in her body that is already bothering her. Really? It occurred just now after you're being found guilty of your crime? What about years ago? You didn't feel anything like that aren't you? And right now, you're complaining about your heart! Whew! All of these sickness occurred in a week! Nice move lady I mean little lady but you're gimmick is just as old as a dinosaur bone. All other politicians did it, and now, you did the same thing. So it means, if I'm found guilty of this kind of crime, I should make sickness that can be reasonable and believable? Hmmm.. Seems legit.

Well, I have nothing else to say but, SHAME ON YOU ALL! You've stolen the money from us and you're proving that you've not done anything? And you're using the name of the Lord in vain? God knows what you're doing and you can't hide it from him. You know who you are and for those who'll run for 2016 Elections, think again: What is your purpose for running in a particular position? For power, service or MONEY?


Wheelchairs are readily available for those politicians who are guilty of graft and corruption. You must be "sick" first, then have a medical check up before you ride on your wheelchair. If you want it personalized, we'll engrave your name with it. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Over the past few weeks, we were haunted with the news about Vhong Navarro beaten up by the gangbang of Cedric Lee. Of course our initial reaction would be "Oh no! I pity Vhong so much!" "What happened? It's not right! #JusticeforVhong." Almost all of our countrymen were in support for him that it's so overwhelming, an ordinary bodybuilder couldn't carry its weight.

But now, it's almost one month and we could just celebrate its monthsary since its incident and I couldn't be any more happier that they've reached the milestone! Thanks to these douchebags Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo whom, is now asking for our appeal to bring her foods. Take note: Foods!

Well, as much as I tried to ignore the issue, I couldn't help but to hear every word they say since I have two ears and I faced my sweetheart, personal computer. The funny thing is, these dynamic duo CD (Cedric and Deniece) could do more acting workshop especially Deniece whom, she acted as the victim of attempted rape. Take note again: Attempted rape! Her acting was not convincing even my eyes, ears would close itself.

This issue I could say, the most powerful even the Peace Agreement between the MILF and the Government was overshadowed! It seems like we have the record and I could just contact the Guiness World Records for the approval of this record-breaking incident! What can I say: BRRRAAVVVOOO! (Standing Ovation Please!)

Lastly, Vhong learned a lot from this incident that a quickie will never do justice to a woman oops.. I mean, Vhong really is the victim here and I wish him well. I hope he could entertain his fans on Showtime and continue dancing his sexy moves to his fans (especially the girls and the bent ones). To Deniece, I may not know you but you're in dire need of acting workshop that even Vice Ganda made a dance move of your gestures during your interview in GMA. And to Cedric Lee? Never mind. I don't want to waste time.

Thanks for reading folks!

Why I love music? Well, it's one question that might puzzle you around for minutes. For those who don't know me yet, well, it's time for you to know that I love music! I confessed my love to it since birth. My mom even said that I already knew singing first and would sing in tune but when I talk, you might need an interpreter as I would go gibberish that time. My mom's friend said that whenever I need something, I would just sing it! :D

Well, my love for music started when I was a little kid and since our family was brought up as singers, whenever there are special occasions, they would ask us to sing a song. Even though it's against our will, we have no choice since we have to act professional that time (ehem!), we don't want to receive an embarrassment award, we'll just shoot any song and finish it with finesse! (a big ahheeeemm!).

When I was a kid, I already learned how to play piano (thanks to my sister who went to UIC to study Music). My mom told me that when my sister plays a piece, I would just sit and play right ahead. I thought, it was awesome! But at that time, I was too stubborn to learn how to play. Actually, when I was in high school, I had regrets that I was not a great piano player but I was still the stubborn teenager thinking that I was already the best.

But the thing is, I still can sing! In fact, when I was in third year high school, I would sing Josh Groban songs and imitate the "operatic" style of singing. Since his voice was big, I had to make my voice big too like a grown up man! My siblings would often hear me singing and tease me. The thing is, I don't want to be teased like that. I just don't want them to pay attention to what I'm singing. Listening to me will do just fine as long as no teasing involved. I still love music! And this was also the time when I learned how to add a voice in an arranged piece. Since then, little by little, I started arranging songs but of course, I still had a little knowledge about it and had to learn on my own since my brother was just too uncooperative and unhelpful that time. :D

Now in college, this was the time when I got serious in learning music. What I didn't expect was I'm now embracing my love of music as I've met those who are also passionate in music. It was the most wonderful time in my life. There's one saying that "Great minds, think alike" and we really do think alike. From the crazy chords to the harmonious blending of choral pieces. This was like heaven to me! I really do love music! This was also the time when I have the chance to learn piano SERIOUSLY! (Got to emphasize that. hehe!)

Right now, I feel more confident in playing piano although there are pieces that gave me so much headache (and they're still here in my collection!). I could now play the beautiful pieces by of course, reading the notes, sing them with ease, teach piano to the beginners who are interested and I could just tell anything and everything that I've learned about music. I have now tons of choir pieces in the software that are now ready to be sung.

Of course, I still continue to learn music although I could say that learning music is fun if you learn how to embrace it. We all love music right? Without music, life would be effin' boring and without music, what would life be? (Insert ABBA song right here!), and without music, we're lifeless.

The question now is, why do I love MUSIC? Music is my life. It molded me to who I am. It's the one who gave me talents in singing and playing piano and without these talents, I know that I can still blog and teach other subjects but taking away my singing ability and piano skills, I wouldn't be the one that you've met right now. I wouldn't be the one that can easily sing songs (of course, it takes time to learn a song), and I wouldn't be the one enriching and encouraging a person to learn and play piano. I wouldn't be who I am today.

Okay this is long enough so, remember, music is everything. Without music, I'll ask you, what would your life be without it? Will you still be the same person without the wonderful sounds of music? Tell me.. :)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! :D

25 Years of existence here on Earth is already an accomplishment. And I just did it! :D

Well, first of all, I'm celebrating my birthday today and what could be the better way to celebrate is to greet those celebrants who are also celebrating their birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

When I was a kid, I was this shy little boy who doesn't talk much, loves to have fun, loves to meet new friends, doesn't even want to show fear in front of many people but is afraid to be embarrassed. I showed my skills in memorizing the flags and its respective capitals but doesn't like Math. :D

When I was in High School, I was a changed person. I was being bullied but in return, I learned how to stand up and defend myself. I made new friends and learned to love history. Went to puberty stage and sang Josh Groban songs (Yeah, yeah, nagmamadali in short), had first crush and still doesn't show fear.

When I went to College back in 2005, everything was new: New school, new friends, new system, new life! More focused on my studies but managed to squeeze some fun by playing piano, loving my music course, and learn how to appreciate different kinds of music.

Now in my twenties, I experienced to be a piano teacher, to be more patient (But still impatient most of the time), but I'm still the quiet, semi-introvert, half crazy, and easy going person! But this was the era where I experienced challenges, hardships, failure and it almost toppled me down to the point that I want to be all alone in my room, thinking of solution to the problem.

Right now, I'm a quarter of a century years old and 3 more quarters to go! (I know it's far.)
It means one thing: I'm getting old! But hey, I still look young and getting better! (Not in shape)
I know I still have lots to do here in this world and I'm just getting started to face more catastrophes.
I know I can do this and I'll do everything to achieve what I want to be in the future.

For me to reach 25 years can never be possible without God, who created humanity. If not for him, I will never exist in this world. To my parents who molded me into a good, religious and strong person, to my siblings who supported me through and through, to my relatives and crazy cousins who are always present in family gatherings, to my friends for giving me more color into my life, and for the souls of.. oops! :D

Anyway, thanks to all of you who made my life amazing and I still can't believe that I'm already 25!
But now, I have no choice but to believe that I'm now 25. What can I do anyway? :D

Again, thank you all! :D

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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September 24, 2013 - I've noticed for the past few days that warm weather overwhelmed Davao and it doesn't just happen during the day, but also at night! I know I've experienced this kind of weather but it seems like there have been no rain or even a drizzle during the night. Where are they hiding! Huhuhu! We badly need rain these days!

Oh Mr. Sun, sun!
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Do you remember the song "Mister Sun"? Well, if you search it on Youtube, you can see the children happily singing that song but in this case, I'm not that happy anymore. He's been shining in our city like the whole month of September and I'm friggin' tired of it! I mean, I'm not against Mr. Sun giving light to our city but at least, I don't want him to give warmth even at night! It's like he farted, leaving us suffering the warm weather. Can you be considerate to us Mr. Sun and let the rain cool us down? Please..

Rain, rain, please cool us down!
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To be honest, I'm missin' the rain already and I want it badly! For the past few days, we've been suffering from the wrath of Mr. Sun and I couldn't take it anymore! Where's the rain where I need it? I'm missing the rain and to live with no rain showers is like living in a desert. Plants need rain, we need rain! I had to keep hydrating and every time I go home, I had to wash my face just to feel better.

How I am feeling about this? Well, the weather is destroying me gradually and the escalating heat of the sun keeps me unhealthy that it made me dizzy. Right now, I feel like I can drink gallons of water a day just to keep me hydrated. I hope the rain can consider the feeling of my fellow comrades who are experiencing the same condition and please rain, cool us down every night! Even a drizzle will do as long as it can bring cool weather to our city. Mr. Rain, please consider our request! huhuhu... :(
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